CADFIN is a Cameroon based charity dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and women involved with the child welfare system. We support and deliver a broad range of high-impact programs and services that directly serve vulnerable young people across Cameroon. Our programs address the many complex needs faced by Children, youth and women CADFIN adopt a unique sustainable development model with focus on five core pillar programs.

  1. Education.
  2. Health.
  3. Agriculture and Food security/Nutrition.
  4. Clean Water and Sanitation.
  5. Alternative income and livelihood.

Through implementation of these five key programs, we aim to improve access and change not only circumstance and opportunity, but behavior. Ultimately this leads to a change in community status, resulting in long-term, effective and meaningful development.

Sustainability and community ownership is key to us. From the very beginning of our work in a community, we work closely with the government and community structures to ensure that local community members are empowered and have real ownership over each project, be that a school project, a community garden or children environmental club.

CADFIN rely completely on the generosity of our corporate, individual, and foundation donors. We do not receive government funding, and are among the charities in Cameroon with the reach and capacity to strategically raise funds to deliver local, regional, and national programs for this uniquely vulnerable population of Children, youth and women.

With your help, through our funded programs, CADFIN provides children and youth with the kind of opportunities that so many of us are fortunate enough to take for granted. Donations from the community provide a wide variety of opportunities for children to live successfully as an adult. No donation is too small and can make a big difference in the life of a child in need.