The efficacy of PMTCT programs depend on the capacity of the health care system to deliver services, and the willingness of men and women to accept HIV testing and their ability to follow through with PMTCT interventions. CADFIN conduct pre and post delivery, PMTCT services which include sustained education and support for safer infant feeding options, HIV testing for infants, family planning, counseling, and referrals to HIV care and treatment centres. PMTCT efforts that effectively engage women during pregnancy and after birth offer opportunities to help mothers to protect their infants from HIV infection and can provide the health- and life-sustaining care for mothers that is critical for their own survival and their children’s wellbeing.  CADFIN today provided incentives to breastfeeding mothers to encourage their participating in PMTCT, which also present an early opportunity for women to become further involved in caring for themselves, their partners and their children.