Child Aid Development Foundation International, with the support of our donors, is determined to give children, youth and women the opportunity for life-enriching experiences, and the opportunities to build a brighter future and become active in the social, economic and political sphere of the society. CADFIN adopt a unique sustainable development model with focus on five core pillar programs.

The Five Pillars Programs

1. Education.

Through the education pillar we assist in mobilizing resources to build schools classrooms and libraries, provide needy children with school need and supplies. We partner with the Ministry of Basic Education to ensure our projects are maintained over the long-term, to create initiatives to complement government in providing ALL children—boys and girls— with a quality education.

2. Health Care.

We complement government efforts by contributing to improving the health and welfare of children by raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, mobilization for the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV, fight stigma and discrimination and change in sexual behavior through partnership with private and public health institution. Over the years, our health pillar has evolved to become as effective, sustainable and cost-effective as possible. We align our health care practices with the government’s national priorities, and in most cases partner with the government to administer health care in communities we work in. Our programs generally focus on health education and preventative care, allowing children to remain healthy and able to go to school.

3. Agriculture and Food security/Nutrition.

One of the most pressing issues directly impacting poverty alleviation today is the growing challenge of food security and nutrition. We work to ensure the availability of and access to an adequate amount of healthy, nutritious food that meets people’s daily dietary needs and food preferences. The Agriculture and Food Security pillar, focuses on innovative farming techniques and water management projects to help ensure communities have access to self-sustaining food sources, directly impacting their health, access to education and life outcomes.

4. Clean Water and Sanitation.

Clean water and sanitation is a basic human right. CADFIN helps provide communities in need with localized clean water sources and sanitation facilities. We promote personal, household and community hygiene and sanitation practices through lessons and practical hygiene campaigns and installation of sanitary faculties. We also work with individual community members to promote local education in basic hygiene practices and waterborne disease prevention. This not only helps to reduce the spread of disease, it also help children especially girls of their daily treks to collect water, freeing them to attend school.

5. Alternative income and livelihood.

We provide youth, vulnerable women and people living with HIV and AIDs (PLWHA) with resources to generate sustainable source of income, increase savings and start their own businesses. Women who participate in alternative income and livelihood programming increase their capacity and skills. These skills not only benefit the women who have them, but are passed on to friends and children who can use them in the same way, now and in the future.


Through implementation of the five pillars, we aim to improve access and change not only circumstance and opportunity, but behaviour. Ultimately this leads to a change in community status, resulting in long-term, effective and meaningful development. Sustainability and community ownership is key to us. From the very beginning of our work in a community, we work closely with the government and community structures to ensure that local community members are empowered and have real ownership over each project, be that a school project, a community garden or children environmental club.

Through the five pillar programs, we give vulnerable children, youth and women the knowledge and understanding that they can live happy, fulfilled lives, develop loving relationships and become the bright, caring, person they were meant to be. The journey may be long, but with a little hope and a lot of guidance, and support, together we can help them rebuild their lives, discover their own potential and make their future brighter.

Our Organization

As a registered Association, we raise funds to implement programs across the country that give disadvantaged children, youth and women the skills and support they need to reach their full potential and active nation builders.

Children are the future. By focusing on them and providing them with access to education, health and shelter we offer the poorest of the poor a chance to build up better lives for themselves, their families and their villages. Our support is designed to bring about sustainable improvements.

Our growth has been due to successful pooling of experience, connections and talents of a cross section of people. Our strategies have been carefully planned drawing upon the rich experience and leadership in our core team. In our projects we work together with reliable partners . They understand the challenges, speak the languages and know exactly what is missing. Close collaboration allows successful and efficient implementation of our concepts.

Our entire team works on a volunteer basis. Most administration costs are covered by contributions from our members. Thus, all donations can be fully used to fund our projects. Our work is checked regularly by the supervisory board and the financial authorities.

With us you can be certain that your donation reaches those who need it the most.