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Child Aid Development Foundation International (CADFIN) is a non-governmental Child Centered, Community Based Development Organization (CBO) founded for the benefit of the economically and socially disadvantage children, youth and women. CADFIN is running children’s aid, care and support projects from the unit in Santa, Cameroon. It is fully supported by a very large, and ever-increasing, number of compassionate and generous members and donors throughout the world.

CADFIN was founded and is being governed by a very dedicated Board of Trustees coming from various professions and sections of the society. Being completely unrelated to each other, they came together only because of their sole desire and goal of helping poor and needy children. The organization was officially registered, as a non-profit, non-sectarian, secular, public charitable association on July 30th, 2009 through a Prefectoral Order No. 001009/ADR/J06/BAPP governed by Law No: 90/53 of 19 December 1990 on the freedom of associations.

The Founders believe that a wholesome growth and development of a child does not depend upon only on the material needs to be satisfied such as food and shelter but verily depends upon the ambience of love and concern making a child feel needed. The need is more acute in the case of the girl children who deserve greater protection for their development and growth. It is for this reason that the girl children are taken into the protective umbrella of 'CADFIN'.

The role of the Association as envisaged beyond the help to the children and encompasses several other activities aimed at bringing a positive change in the social structure of the society. The areas such as education, health care, village sanitation, food security and nutrition, supporting people in distress, in general and the young children in particular are the focused targets of the Association.


Current Activities

HIV and AIDS is still, today, denying so many children their childhoods. But CADFIN with support from PACF is bringing health education to parents at their door steps, working with families and communities to eliminating the obstacles in accessing health services and building a community support structures that make a child feel loved, and safe. And in doing so, we are providing them a promising future.

1. Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV. In remote and rural area, are found very meager facilities. Lack of basic Health Care is a major cause of concern. CADFIN observed this serious matter and tried to focus on this important issue. With the help of individuals and donors, it helps CADFIN to run a community led care and support project that empower poor and needy people avail of the best basic health care.

2. Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

3. Support services to local health Facilities.

4. Community Mobilization and Advocacy.

''For Every Child, Health, Education and a Home''

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